You know what ?

 I have never maintained a Diary..

I do not have a dog that I share all my intimate secrets with..

All I have are my 9 fishes and this blog!

So as soon as I am done blogging I will go talk to them fishes. The only problem.. these fishes only come up when I feed them 😦 ,so I can only talk to them once a day! Thankfully, there is no such restriction on Blogging ! I will write in more details about the fishes, but for now – I have 9 of them 5 Koi and 4 Goldfish. I had actually named the frist two that I had, but when one of them died on me, I decided to stick to ' that yellow fish' or the 'golden one that looks like my Aunt' ! I still feel sad when one of them ups and decides to jump out, but atleast I do not know them on a first name basis, so its ok!

 Enough about fishes.

So, as I said, I have never maintained a Diary. This blog will be the very first time that I have shared my thoughts with anyone! Let us see how far I can take it!