Monday again!

I love 'm mondays! I guess its mainly cause I do not follow the normal man's time table of Monday to friday 9 AM to 5 PM! I follow the hours of the nocturnal night shift man! For me its 6 PM to 4 AM! So mondays, while the rest of the world is 'wishing they had their beds made' I laze around on my bed! U guessed it, I hate fridays for the same reason!

But that is only for the past 4 years or so. I have always loved mondays. Mondays signal the start of a new chapter in my life. It gives me the opportunity to basically wipe the slate clean and start off afresh! 

Monday has an entirely different meaning for the wife though! For her its a day of prayer and staying away from meats.. sticking to the basics – the vegetarian stuff. I say sticking to the basics cause they say the human system was built to be a vegetarian! Meat eating is something we picked up along the way somewhere during our evolution. The natural selection process as Darwin would have theorized. But hey Darwin's theory is lacking is it not? But hey thats an entire new topic. I promise to dedicate an entire blog on this one!

But, this Monday, I am up and about, as you may see from the time stamp on this post (if I get it out the first time that is.) Cause today I have a doctor's appointment. Let us see if this doc makes ' a little miracle' for us!