Cricinfo – The win that almost wasn’t

Hey so the Indians managed to start off the 5 match series with a win, their 17th chasing!

India has been known to choke so often while chasing, that this is a real achievement. I think the team owes a lot to its middle order for these successes. The likes of Pathan, Yuvraj, Raina and Dhoni are largely responsible for this transformation. Today, this quartet was joined by Kaif, who finally got a score to write home about. This can only boost his confidence! Then there is Dravid! Even in the days when Tendulkar was at his best, the petential of this man was all too clear! While Sachin was busy being deified, Dravid was busy playing cricket! And now, after taking over the helm of the team, he is almost unstoppable! The opposition simply cannot figure out a way to get him out!


Way to go India!  



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