Indians did not win this match, but cricket certainly did! This was the best fought match that has been witnessed in a long long time. Both the teams performed at thier highest levels. There was not much to differentiate between the two teams(except the winning run!). Both the teams fielded like demons. Both the teams had a Bradshaw or an Agarkar that bowled wonderful spells. Both teams had slow ball bowlers – Harbajan and Powar for India , and Gayle and Samuels for the West Indies, that used the slowing pitch to their advantage and completely dried out runs. Both teams had innings above par by one of their batsmen – Sarwan, Yuvraj. I think it was only fitting that the win or loss be by that solitary run! A tie would have been ideal (as one of the commentrators actually predicted at the end of 20 overs,) but hey we did loose that last wicket that Sarwan on the other team actually preserved!

Kudos to cricket and cricketers for keeping us on the edge of our chairs.

And hey Indians, let this loss come as a mere awakening! This loss is merely your 5th in a long set of winning performances. Here's to 17 more victories on a trot!

And as usual 'Go Go India!!'