E=mc^2: Reservations V: Apotheosis of IITs and myth of merit

There are so many articles and blogs floating about that support the anti-reservation stir, that I feel compelled to highlight the few that do not! And again, I avoid the articles that put the onus of historical mistakes on the present generation. This article, on the contrary, brings out a few issues that I have always had with the education system in India.  


Their B.Tech program is arguably one of the best, but the actual research and concrete results coming from Masters and Ph.D. programs are almost negligible. To that effect, they are only good at supplying finest raw material or fodder material to MNCs, IIMs, MS and Ph.D. programs in US, but they do not by themselves produce any thing of great value in research content. There are no major inventions or innovations in technology coming out from these unnecessarily hyped Indian Institutes of Technology; except for some applications and solutions which look good in a Science Fare and Exhibition. As such I hold similar opinion of many other top-rated institutes of India- not just IITs.

 I agree with this sentiment. I know some of you have claimed that the above is not true, and that some of these institutes do have affiliations with major manufacturing companies. 


Well, I can only say something about IIT bombay as I am an undergrad there. I have seen many companies come to professors of my department (mechanical engg.) for sponsored projects and infact my guide worked with Dialmer-Chrysler for two years and patented a CAM methodology which is now licensed. Ic an cite many more examples.  

Please please do cite some examples, cause I would love to know! Looking forward to someone who takes the time off to do a research on the various research projects that have come to fruitition in the premier institutes of India. 

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