It was 3-2 India, going by the number of days that they were ahead compared to the West Indies!

 Day 1 and Day 2 belonged to the West Indians. First to get India out at under 250 runs, and then piling up a pretty promising lead by the end of Day 2.

Then came the Indian bounce back! First to restrict the lead to just 131 runs on Day3, and then to follow up with some great batting performance, on Day 3 and 4.

The Indian second inning scorecard says it all

W Jaffer 212  / V. Sehwag 41 / V.V.S Laxman 31 / R. Dravid 62 / Y. Singh 39/ M. Kaif 46 / M. Dhoni 69

Jaffer was the pick of the lot, but what was heartening to see was how the rest of the batsmen contributed to the score. 2 in the 60s, 2 in the 40s and 2 in the 30s. They are not paper tigers after all! Dhoni’s 51 ball cameo was just another feather in a now heavily feathered Indian Cap!

And that brought us to Day5! It is days like this that cricketing history is made up of! Both the teams stiving hard to steal the day, and finally it was cricket that had the final say!

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