This is exactly what I have been talking about since the current reservation flare-up!

The quota system is not the enemy. The enemy is within! The enemy is every person that has not bothered to caste a vote, but is still standing in line ready for government bashing! The lessons of history proove that India's primary strength is unity and its primary weekness is the lack thereof. It has been the policy of everyone in power to  break up the nation by religion, caste, language and what not. The Britishers planted the seeds, and the current breed of politicians are watering them. And we, the people of India are the sufferers.

As per rajinder Puri

Remember, the police mercilessly thrashed anti-quota students in Mumbai. The police mercilessly thrashed pro-quota students in Patna. The politicians will try to divide you. Frustrate them with unity. The political class is your common enemy.

Do not let them succeed in dividing you. United we can take the bull by its horns!