India in soccer World Cup! When? – FIFA 2006: HT Special

When, oh when will we see the Indian flag flying atop a pole during a world cup soccer match? I hope in my lifetime!

Can we not produce 11 players from our population of 1 Billion?


In my opinion, it is cricket that is the cause of India’s poor showing in all other sports – including soccer! So much money is being poured into that one game, that it has now become every youngsters dream to play cricket for India. It has always been my contention, that India is highly media sensitive. And the current media is cricket crazy. 2 of every 10 ads on TV feature some cricketer or the other. Soccer has been relegated to the backwaters! It is about time that we bring this game out in the open!

 While this is my first post on this subject, I promise to cover this in grerater details in the future. Please send in your comments and thoughts on this. Maybe we can make a difference!


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