Hello friends,

I am back!

Blogging, as addictive as it is, is also reverse-addictive. Its difficult to give it up for a day or two, but when you take a gap of over a week, its difficult to get back to it!

 But, I am back!

Lots of news to share. I will dedicate a post each, but here is a list –

1. nyphpcon 2006 was great! Learnt a lot, met some great ppl, got some great leads!

2. The Mathur Holi picnic was fun! I was the official photographer, so keep tuned in for some great photographs

3. A freind of my wife came in from Goa, India. Took her around the City. Keep tuned in for some photographs

And a few other tidbits which I will cover in the next few posts!