March 2010

A lot has happened in these three years!

On cricket –

India has taken the #1 slot in Test Cricket
Sachin has taken the #1 slot in number of runs scored in a ODI
A concept called ICL was launched and lynched, and a concept called IPL thrived

On the world –

We are having earth quakes all over as if its no body’s business! Is Doomsday on its way?
Talking about doomsday, The Mayan Calendar runs out on December 21 , 2012! Is that the end of the world? Maybe .. maybe not!

Professional front

I am out of night shift and now work in the day along with the rest of the humans!
I do pretty much the same stuff, but do it during the day 😦

I have opened my own company! Om Biz LLC! I develop websites for money now!
I have taken to Photography in a big way – expect a lot of picture blogs in the near future! I am trying to make that a profession!

On the personal front

My daughter turned three last month!
Our life revolves around this bundle of Joy!
I have’nt been to India yet:-( Soon .. verrrryy soon.. i hope!!)

I think I am missing a lot of things that happened in these three years! But right now I have a brain freeze. I will add on more stuff when I think of them.

For now .. cheerios!


Blogging is something that you cannot afford to take a break from. You need to keep coming up with something. If you take a break, it has a tendancy to becoming permanent. Cannot believe that its over three years since I blogged! My daughter just turned three last month.. can you believe that? I will try to get back to blogging. Lets see how it goes.