Hi Welcome to my personal blog! Below find everything you need to know about me! 

Name : Ashish Mathur
Place of Birth: Jaipur, India
Nationality: Indian but offcourse
Profession: You name it I do it! Seriously? Web developer and database adminsitrator!
Hobbies: coding, blogging, music (Amateur DJ?) , cooking(Only the exotic food), Travelling

My Favorite place on earth: Hmm! thats a tough one. I will dedicate a blog on that!
I trust: Everybody, unless they betray me more than 5 times! Believe me there have been  such people !
My Motto: Everyone can do what he or she knows, it takes a genius to do something something that he does not have a frickin clue about! I strive to be a genius!
What I am good at: Need I say? Everything! And what I am not good at, I will soon be! (Remember Jack? – thats me.. but I will be master of something one day!)
My mission: Not formulated yet! As soon as it is, you will be the first to know!


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