India to now manufacture mobile handsets! More important than the revenue generation that this will bring about, are the reasons behind this move by giants like Nokia and LG. This move signifies the boom that India's domestic market is in. And it is heartening to see India being touted as the gateway to the rest of Asia! For years multi national companies have run their asian operations through Dubai and other Middle east countries. Finally, India is being recognized for its true value!

Go Go India! You are on the move!



Do not be anti anything my man! Just be pro development. Do something inspite of roadbloacks like reservation and politics.  The problem with us Indians is that we spend a lot of energy and resources in blaming the system. Come on, stand up and be a man! Do something for a change!

Entrepreneurship in India needs an impetus. Take the reservation system as a boon that it really is.  Education is a very important part of an individual’s development, but it is not the last and final frontier. Treat education as a stepping stone and not as the destination. Rise above the mediocrity and the mundane and be the system. Create opportunities instead of crying over lost ones. Education in the highest institution will merely get you a dream job. Is that all you dream of?  if we want to take our country from a developing nation to a developed one, we need to think outside the box.

Though India has already been reaping the benefits of globalization as a result of the IT outsourcing drive, the country’s competitive advantage needs to extend beyond low labor costs. India needs to provide a fertile ground for indigenous ventures and go on to become a profit center from a mere development and support center. To achieve this, there is a need to change the approach to entrepreneurship and make it opportunity based rather than necessity based. Entrepreneurs need to come up with innovative ways to grab the opportunities that come by.

So, my man, stop crying and do something! Let us all put our heads together to not fight the system, but to create one for our own. Let the OBC’s educate themselves while we go and create opportunities for them to use this education! That, my friend is the true formula for success!

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