I had promised to blog about the artist who made that painting on the wall of our office building in Hoboken. Well, I got his last name – McBride. I know he painted this wall in 1979. But beyond that, nothing! I tried Googling for the artsist but nothing..nada!

If anyone here knows any thing, please post in the comments section! I will apreciate it.



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Hi I start off my first post with a picture of me next to the Hoboken Wall! This is a paiting by an artist, whose name fails me now (I promise to find out and add it in the comments to this post)in the lobby of my office building on River Road, Hoboken. Right behind me is 'The Chairman of the Board' Frank Sinatra. Hoboken is the birthplace of Baseball, so thats what the batter symbolizes. Hopefully, I will find out more details and post them too.