They say what begins well, ends well! Well, in case of the Indian team, this has been the case! They won, the opening one dayer in the West Indies, lost the remaining 4. Then they drew the first three tests and finally won the last one! So the two end points  meet to make the complete circle!

This is a new generation Indian team! The team looses a few and wins some, but comes out stronger from each showing. Loosing the one day series actually brought out the best in the Indian Cricket. It finally brought Md Kaif and Sehwag out of the rut. Sreeshanth and M Patel aged a minimum of two years in these two months! A great bowler like Pathan actually warms the bench, and his absense is not felt even a wee bit! Harbajan sits out two tests, and the likes of Sehwag take over the spinner’s mantle!

And all this is held together by the man who is at the helm of it all – Rahul Dravid! This man makes one wonder, why he was not the captain before Ganguly! Both entered the Indian Cricketing era at the same time, and both came in with a bang! He had prooven earlier when he was keeping for India in the ODIs , that additional responsibility brings out the best in him. The added responsiblities of a captain, a responsiblity that got the likes of Tendulkar down, actually boosted his performance!

Ok now to the match in question. The final test. The complete game(all three days of it) could be summarized in one word – Dravid! Quoting an Article on cricinfo,

“The difference between a boy and a man is the price of his toys. In this case it was wickets”

How true! In reality, this match was very unfairly tilted toward one team (one person in particular) This was a match played by 21 boys and one man! This one man stood tall while boys fell at either end. In the end he scored a fifth of the total runs scored in the game!

*Running short of time.. post to be continued*

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Rain Rain Go Away

Come again some other day

Little Kumble wants to play

To Make it India's Day today

Rain Rain, Pour down

But, please select another town

Cause on this groun'

Viru's waiting with a frown

Rain Rain, go to Jamaica Maan

Cause St Lucia belongs to Irfaan

With Munaf who has his back

They'r both ready to attack

The ball is turnin'

The ball is swingin'

Let 'em wickets fall away

Rain Rain, Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away

Let it be India's day Today!

Rober Browning in his famed poem titled – The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Into the street the Piper stept,

Smiling first a little smile,

As if he knew what magic slept

In his quiet pipe the while;

Then, like a musical adept,

To blow the pipe his lips he wrinkled,

And green and blue his sharp eyes twinkled,

Like a candle-flame where salt is sprinkled;

And ere three shrill notes the pipe uttered,

You heard as if an army muttered;

And the muttering grew to a grumbling;

And the grumbling grew to a mighty rumbling;

And out of the houses the rats came tumbling.

Great rats, small rats, lean rats, brawny rats,

Brown rats, black rats, gray rats, tawny rats,

Grave old plodders, gay young friskers,

Fathers, mothers, uncles, cousins,

Cocking tails and pricking whiskers,

Families by tens and dozens,

Brothers, sisters, husbands, wives–

Followed the Piper for their lives.

From street to street he piped advancing,

And step for step they followed dancing,

Until they came to the river Weser

Wherein all plunged and perished!

The poem could well have been titled -the Pied Piper of Inida!

Why, you may ask, do I say this?

Before answering your question, let me explain my view of the story.

It was said that Pied Piper possessed some magical powers that enabled him to attract the rats of Hamelin, and lead them to their death. In fact, the truth is this – a few of the rats liked the music he played, and so they followed him. The rest of the rats simply followed these other rats!

That is what is happening in our great country, India!

It has been always said unity makes one stronger. But unity at the cosy of individuality will make you weeker! India is driven by the crowd mentality or what I now name the Pied Piper mentality! 90% of Indians are busy doing things because that is what every one else is doing.

Let us take a few examples –

First,  let us evaluate the education system in India.

What does education mean to a middle class family? If the kid is extremely good academically, he or she studies medicine, the next level of people rush into engineering. The rest filter into Commerce and arts! Why? Not always because the field they choose interests them, but because they just follow the rat in front! In this mad rush, the only looser is individuality! Just because an individual is brilliant academically, does not mean that he or she is best suited to be a doctor!  Mind you, when I say Doctor, I mean the guy that saves lives, not that mean money making machine! On the same token, not every student that fails miserably academically, deserves to be relegated to the, so-called ‘non professional’ colleges!

The latest buzz word in the world of education is ‘MBA’. Every one wants to do it. Why? It helps me further my career! How, may I ask? Yes there are a few career paths that move faster if armed with an MBA, but most only find this extra degree a burden! Armed with an MBA, the Doctor wants to sit in a large office, managing people, rather than saving lives. Armed with an MBA  , an Engineer, wants to keep his hands clean! If all you wanted to do was ‘manage’ then why did you waste expensive resources that were employed to make you an Engineer or a Doctor? Hey, because I could! BS

The Pied Piper mentality can be seen in other facets of life. Lets take cricket! Do not get me wrong, I love the game. I follow every cricket match that features India (and some that do not.) I, like most Indians, am the happiest when India wins and the saddest when India looses!  Maybe its the fact that I am away from my country, or maybe that I have become wiser, but now I feel that cricket is highly detrimental to the Indian society! This one game has been responsible for a drainage of a lot of resources. If a nation can have 23 world class cricket grounds all over the nation, I am sure it can afford a few astroturf hockey grounds, so that India can regain some lost glory. Most younsters may not even know that Hockey is our national game. We invented it for crying out loud!  If a nation can have cricket coaching camps in every third corner of every city, it can surely have a few football coaching facilities! The MRF pace foundation churns out great fast bowlers! Why can’t a company sponsor a football academy. An academy that takes in youngsters and moulds them into great football players? Why? Cause we are rats, and we follow the rats in front!

Followed the Piper for their lives.

From street to street he piped advancing,

And step for step they followed dancing,

Until they came to the river Weser

Wherein all plunged and perished!

Wake up Indians before we follow the Pied Piper to the river, and perish!

Let us unite without loosing our individuality! Let us form a team of individuals that do follow a common goal, but a goal that is forumated from a set of indivdual goals!

Let us put the Pied Piper to rest once and for all!

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India in soccer World Cup! When? – FIFA 2006: HT Special

When, oh when will we see the Indian flag flying atop a pole during a world cup soccer match? I hope in my lifetime!

Can we not produce 11 players from our population of 1 Billion?


In my opinion, it is cricket that is the cause of India’s poor showing in all other sports – including soccer! So much money is being poured into that one game, that it has now become every youngsters dream to play cricket for India. It has always been my contention, that India is highly media sensitive. And the current media is cricket crazy. 2 of every 10 ads on TV feature some cricketer or the other. Soccer has been relegated to the backwaters! It is about time that we bring this game out in the open!

 While this is my first post on this subject, I promise to cover this in grerater details in the future. Please send in your comments and thoughts on this. Maybe we can make a difference!


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This is exactly what I have been talking about since the current reservation flare-up!

The quota system is not the enemy. The enemy is within! The enemy is every person that has not bothered to caste a vote, but is still standing in line ready for government bashing! The lessons of history proove that India's primary strength is unity and its primary weekness is the lack thereof. It has been the policy of everyone in power to  break up the nation by religion, caste, language and what not. The Britishers planted the seeds, and the current breed of politicians are watering them. And we, the people of India are the sufferers.

As per rajinder Puri

Remember, the police mercilessly thrashed anti-quota students in Mumbai. The police mercilessly thrashed pro-quota students in Patna. The politicians will try to divide you. Frustrate them with unity. The political class is your common enemy.

Do not let them succeed in dividing you. United we can take the bull by its horns!

It was 3-2 India, going by the number of days that they were ahead compared to the West Indies!

 Day 1 and Day 2 belonged to the West Indians. First to get India out at under 250 runs, and then piling up a pretty promising lead by the end of Day 2.

Then came the Indian bounce back! First to restrict the lead to just 131 runs on Day3, and then to follow up with some great batting performance, on Day 3 and 4.

The Indian second inning scorecard says it all

W Jaffer 212  / V. Sehwag 41 / V.V.S Laxman 31 / R. Dravid 62 / Y. Singh 39/ M. Kaif 46 / M. Dhoni 69

Jaffer was the pick of the lot, but what was heartening to see was how the rest of the batsmen contributed to the score. 2 in the 60s, 2 in the 40s and 2 in the 30s. They are not paper tigers after all! Dhoni’s 51 ball cameo was just another feather in a now heavily feathered Indian Cap!

And that brought us to Day5! It is days like this that cricketing history is made up of! Both the teams stiving hard to steal the day, and finally it was cricket that had the final say!

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A guide to Jaipur’s forts and palaces Sulekha Travel Journal – Travel Blogs India, Travel Diary, Indian Travelogs, Indian Travelers, Travel Blog


I had promised to blog about my favorite cities. For now let me start by simply linking to this article about Jaipur, in Rajasthan , India. At least one great person was born there – me! 


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