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Shaloo and I had a baby girl on 16th feb 2007. This picture was taken when she was 10 days old. As you can see she is in deep thought!


Hello friends, I am back after a long silence!

A lot has happened since I last blogged. Ironically, one of the most importants things of my life stopped me from blogging. We kept it a secret from all but a very select few, so I could not blog about it. Nothing else seemed important enough to blog about!

For those who did not guess! – We are having a baby! And we now know it to be a girl.

 There! I said it.

Hopefully, now I should be out here more often!


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My little sister has recently got into glass paintings. This is one of her first few creations. Good to know that someone in the family has the artistic bend! I for one cannot draw a straight line even when I use a straight edge 🙂

Amazing how clear and distinct the mermaids, the sea-horse and the other aquatic beings are, and how well depicted! This thing must be worth something! Hey readers if you see this, please forward to someone who can put some price to something like this!