I will be extremely busy for the next few days. I will have a lot to blog about, but may have no time to do so. 

This is what I have on my plate

14th/15th/16th June     New York PHP Conference 2006. I will be blogging about it here and on
15th June                     Some thing personal, which I will eventually blog about, but for now…

17th June                     Mathur Community Picnic.  Again I will be blogging about it on The Mathur Association Blog

So, if you do not see me.. I have not forsaken you! I will be back, and stronger! 


Biotech Conference 2006- Biotechnology & Life Science Global Venture Congress 2006, Madison Square Garden, New York

Gyan Parida, Founder and Chairman of Silicon Alley Entrepreneurs Club is at it again. This time again its a Biotech and Life Sciences seminar. Pre registration is open.

I will be blogging more in detail on this one. Stay tuned

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