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Another glass paininting by my sis!


They say what begins well, ends well! Well, in case of the Indian team, this has been the case! They won, the opening one dayer in the West Indies, lost the remaining 4. Then they drew the first three tests and finally won the last one! So the two end points  meet to make the complete circle!

This is a new generation Indian team! The team looses a few and wins some, but comes out stronger from each showing. Loosing the one day series actually brought out the best in the Indian Cricket. It finally brought Md Kaif and Sehwag out of the rut. Sreeshanth and M Patel aged a minimum of two years in these two months! A great bowler like Pathan actually warms the bench, and his absense is not felt even a wee bit! Harbajan sits out two tests, and the likes of Sehwag take over the spinner’s mantle!

And all this is held together by the man who is at the helm of it all – Rahul Dravid! This man makes one wonder, why he was not the captain before Ganguly! Both entered the Indian Cricketing era at the same time, and both came in with a bang! He had prooven earlier when he was keeping for India in the ODIs , that additional responsibility brings out the best in him. The added responsiblities of a captain, a responsiblity that got the likes of Tendulkar down, actually boosted his performance!

Ok now to the match in question. The final test. The complete game(all three days of it) could be summarized in one word – Dravid! Quoting an Article on cricinfo,

“The difference between a boy and a man is the price of his toys. In this case it was wickets”

How true! In reality, this match was very unfairly tilted toward one team (one person in particular) This was a match played by 21 boys and one man! This one man stood tall while boys fell at either end. In the end he scored a fifth of the total runs scored in the game!

*Running short of time.. post to be continued*

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Great article by Keshi. She yearns for fairy tale endings. What she does not acklowledge, though, is that the dreams and needs of people have exceeded the boundaries of ‘wonderland’! All aladin wanted was to feed his hungry mother, and snow white really loved her seven friends (and she really was beautifull!!). Cindrella was happy serving her step mom and her step-sisters. Fairy tales happen to the pure of heart, and not to the vile that the world has now turned to.

A full mid-summer day, full of floral aromas, woody surroundings, green lawns, a shed for shelter, and a promise of fun and entertainment – with cornucopious food!! That was our Saturday 17th June Mathur picnic! Read the rest of this entry »  

Hello friends,

I am back!

Blogging, as addictive as it is, is also reverse-addictive. Its difficult to give it up for a day or two, but when you take a gap of over a week, its difficult to get back to it!

 But, I am back!

Lots of news to share. I will dedicate a post each, but here is a list –

1. nyphpcon 2006 was great! Learnt a lot, met some great ppl, got some great leads!

2. The Mathur Holi picnic was fun! I was the official photographer, so keep tuned in for some great photographs

3. A freind of my wife came in from Goa, India. Took her around the City. Keep tuned in for some photographs

And a few other tidbits which I will cover in the next few posts!

holi colors batman!

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Had to blog this! This just goes to show how the bright colors of holi bring out beauty!
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I will be extremely busy for the next few days. I will have a lot to blog about, but may have no time to do so. 

This is what I have on my plate

14th/15th/16th June     New York PHP Conference 2006. I will be blogging about it here and on blackbusinessradio.com
15th June                     Some thing personal, which I will eventually blog about, but for now…

17th June                     Mathur Community Picnic.  Again I will be blogging about it on The Mathur Association Blog

So, if you do not see me.. I have not forsaken you! I will be back, and stronger!