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A lot has happened in these three years!

On cricket –

India has taken the #1 slot in Test Cricket
Sachin has taken the #1 slot in number of runs scored in a ODI
A concept called ICL was launched and lynched, and a concept called IPL thrived

On the world –

We are having earth quakes all over as if its no body’s business! Is Doomsday on its way?
Talking about doomsday, The Mayan Calendar runs out on December 21 , 2012! Is that the end of the world? Maybe .. maybe not!

Professional front

I am out of night shift and now work in the day along with the rest of the humans!
I do pretty much the same stuff, but do it during the day 😦

I have opened my own company! Om Biz LLC! I develop websites for money now!
I have taken to Photography in a big way – expect a lot of picture blogs in the near future! I am trying to make that a profession!

On the personal front

My daughter turned three last month!
Our life revolves around this bundle of Joy!
I have’nt been to India yet:-( Soon .. verrrryy soon.. i hope!!)

I think I am missing a lot of things that happened in these three years! But right now I have a brain freeze. I will add on more stuff when I think of them.

For now .. cheerios!

Blogging is something that you cannot afford to take a break from. You need to keep coming up with something. If you take a break, it has a tendancy to becoming permanent. Cannot believe that its over three years since I blogged! My daughter just turned three last month.. can you believe that? I will try to get back to blogging. Lets see how it goes.

So the West Indian side managed to start off the worls cup on the winning side! Pakistan seemed like a depleted side to say  the least! The bowling was supposed to be a weakness with key bowlers missing, but it was the batting that failed to fire!  This loss is going to stay with Pakistan when its time to qualify for the semi final! West Indians , if they win the remaining two group matches, will have an advantage going into the super 8s.

Lets see what happens.


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Shaloo and I had a baby girl on 16th feb 2007. This picture was taken when she was 10 days old. As you can see she is in deep thought!

Hello friends, I am back after a long silence!

A lot has happened since I last blogged. Ironically, one of the most importants things of my life stopped me from blogging. We kept it a secret from all but a very select few, so I could not blog about it. Nothing else seemed important enough to blog about!

For those who did not guess! – We are having a baby! And we now know it to be a girl.

 There! I said it.

Hopefully, now I should be out here more often!


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